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UCPath Department HR Reps

UCPath Online is an online, self-service tool that gives employees 24/7 access to UC employment information based on their job role. For employees with supervisor or manager roles, UCPath Online will allow the user to access some information regarding their direct reports. In addition to the standard, employee-level access granted to all UCLA employees (go to the UCLA for Employees page to learn more), managers and supervisors who have direct reports will also have the ability to:

  • View Employee Information
  • View Employee Absence Balance
  • View Compensation History
  • View Historical Profiles
  • View Current Team Profiles

Click on the link below to go to an overview video on the UCPath Manager Portal:

UCPath Manager Portal

Download this reference guide for more information on the UCPath Manager Portal.

To access UCPath Online, visit:

Access Roles

UCPath offers three main system access role types. Department/HR Reps can have one or more of the following access:

Initiator Access

UCPath utilizes an Approval Workflow Engine (AWE), which requires that UCPath transactions to go through multiple levels of approval before it is fully processed and committed to the system and database. Staff with Initiator access will be responsible for submitting UCPath transactions for review and approval. Initiators will be notified via e-mail as well as with UCPath whether their submissions have been approved or rejected. If rejected, initiators may be able to clone their original submission, edit it, and resubmit.

Initiators will also have the ability to view the status and progress of their submission and cancel/retract their transaction, if needed.

Approver Access

Staff with Approver access will be responsible for reviewing submitted transactions, approve the transaction, push the transaction back down to the previous approver or initiator, or deny the transaction request. It is the responsibility of the Approver to review any and all transaction details for accuracy, correctness, and whether the transactions follows all policies and procedures.

Depending on the department’s configuration, a department may have up to two approvers (A1 and A2) to review each transaction requests. Regardless of the number of approvers within a department, the final transaction approval will come from the UCPath Center at Riverside, who serves as the final transaction reviewer and approver.

Approvers with Initiator access are not allowed to approve their own transaction submissions.

Inquiry Access

Staff with Inquiry access will only have view-only access to UCPath pages; they will not be able to submit or approve any transactional requests. Staff with Inquiry access may be able to view transaction submissions, statuses, and progress without the ability to alter, edit, retract, or approve the transaction. Inquiry access serves as an informational review role if not paired with the Initiator and/or Approver role.

Service Modules

UCPath offers three different service modules:

General Ledger (GL)

General Ledger (GL) is responsible for submitting and processing position funding, direct retro, and budget transactions. Department/HR Reps assigned as GL initiators can submit requests to fund positions across one or more funding accounting units, or FAUs. If funding information is found to be incorrect, or otherwise needs to be transferred to another fund, a direct retro may be submitted to transfer all costs to the new fund. Positions not provided position funding will default to the department-level funding until corrected. Lastly, GL initiators can submit budgeting for filled positions and unfilled positions in order to support the Staffing List.

Department/HR Reps assigned as GL approvers will be responsible for reviewing any GL requests for correctness, accuracy, and completeness before approving a transaction for processing. All GL transactions are completed at the department level.

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Human Capital Management (HCM) refers to the module within UCPath that is responsible for personnel personal information, employment and job classification, leave and absence management, compensation, and separation transactions. HCM initiators will be responsible for completing the hiring process within UCPath, entering all relevant personal, job, and compensation data, and submit the transaction for approval. HCM transactions are completed by the HRPC North. Department/HR Reps with inquiry access are able to view current information in this module.

Pay Administration (PA)

Pay Administration (PA) will be responsible for submitting and processing payroll transactions. PA initiators can submit requests for individual pay transactions or mass update forms. PA transactions are completed by the HRPC North. Department/HR Reps with inquiry access are able to view current information in this module.

Check Accrual Balances

Employees with direct reports designated in UCPath have the ability to view their reports’ accrual balances (vacation, sick, and compensatory hours) in UCPath through the UCPath Manager Portal. In addition, employees with Kronos Editor access within the Kronos Timekeeper system can also view the accrual balance of employees within their employee group. For reference guides on how to view these accrual balances, see below:

Check Accrual Balance on UCPath – For Managers

Check Accrual Balance on Kronos – For Managers


To view any training material specific to your role, please go to our UCPath Training page.