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Time Reporting System (TRS)

The Time Reporting System, (TRS), is a web-based time reporting system that provides individuals the ability to record and track work hours and time taken via an electronic timesheet. The schedule includes the last date and time supervisors/time approvers must approve and submit online timesheets to the Departmental Time Administrator (DTA) in order ensure timely payment to employees. Please click the button below to download the TRS Supervisor schedule.

TRS for Supervisor Schedule

Should you have any questions or issues related to your timesheet, please reach out to

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between using TRS for monthly paid employees vs. bi-weekly paid employees?

  • For monthly employees, TRS should be used to report exceptions (vacation, sick, leave without pay, etc.). Exempt employees should report exceptions in increments of 8. Please note, if the employee is on an alternate work schedule (9/80 or 4/10), they must report exceptions in the appropriate increments.
    • Example; current active employee would like to request vacation, but only has 5 hours of vacation and 3 hours of sick in their accruals balance. The employee cannot use in excess of their balance for a normal pay period, and they cannot combine different accrual buckets for time off. Leave without pay must be recorded in this example. Please note, some exceptions do apply (winter closure, FMLA, etc.) and are informed by the HR & Payroll unit. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to or call 310 825-5951.
    • Accruals usage is a month in arrears:
      • if you are using 8 hours of vacation in PPE 03.31.20XX, it will not be reported until your paycheck for PPE 04.30.20XX
  • For bi-weekly employees, TRS should be used to report all punches and time off.

What are the benefits to using TRS?

  • TRS is a web-based timesheet, so it can never get lost or destroyed
  • TRS provides a calendar format that is easy to read and navigate
  • TRS provides a drop-down menu so it is easy to record non-productive time off such
    as vacation, sick, jury duty, etc
  • TRS provides online workflow so it is easier for your supervisor to review and
    approve your timesheet
  • You will have access to past approved timesheets if needed
  • You will have secure access to TRS 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any internet
    accessible device

How do I access TRS?

You can access TRS by using your UCLA Logon ID and password.

I’m approved to work a 9/80 alternate work schedule. Will I be able to record my work hours in TRS?

Yes, approved 9/80 (monthly paid employees only) and 4/40 alternate work schedules can be recorded in TRS.

Sometimes I work two shifts on the same day. Can I use TRS to record my work hours?

Yes. TRS has a function that will allow you to enter multiple shifts in a work day, if

I have a smartphone. Can I access TRS on it?

Yes, you can use any device that allows you access to the web page, such as smart
phones (Droid, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.), or tablets (IPAD, Android, HP TouchPad, etc.).

Can I use TRS to report vacation and sick time?

Yes. You can report most non-productive time in TRS. Non-productive time includes sick,
vacation, comp time off, Leave without Pay (LWOP), jury duty and voting time off.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions regarding TRS?

Please contact HRPCN at 310 825-5951 or email us at for additional assistance.