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COVID-19 Blood Donation Information

Process Update

Certificates of Donations (front and back) should be submitted to the Bruin CHR Service Center.

  • We ask that all fields and information related to the donation be filled out/supplied:
    • FAU to credit
    • Usage Date
    • Date of Donation
    • Employee Name
    • UID
    • Department Name
    • Payroll Title
    • Employee Signature
  • Please mail the original copy to our office when you are able as we will be collecting the physical slips upon our return.

Expiration Details

Please note, the expiration date of the certificates is still one calendar year after donation. There is no grace period at this time.

Blood Donation Process

Per UCLA Procedure 2.210, Administrative Leave, employees are allowed leave with pay, up to a maximum of two (2) to make a whole blood or double cell red cell apheresis donation during regularly scheduled hours of work when donating for the UCLA Blood Donor Center.

In addition to the paid release time to donate blood, employees donating through the Apheresis process (platelet or plasma) are allowed up to four (4) hours for such a donation when done during regularly scheduled hours of work. This leave with pay to donate blood must be recorded in the timekeeping system in order for the employee to receive payment for these hours. In order to be paid, the employee must give the supervisor the “Certificate of Blood Donation”. The supervisor is required to turn in this certificate to the HRPCN so that the department can be reimbursed for the Administrative leave paid to the employee (must follow the steps below for recording purposes).

How to Record Paid Time to Donate Blood

If Using Kronos/My Time

After obtaining supervisor’s approval to donate blood, the employee must clock out before going to donate the blood and then clock back in when returning to work.

Supervisors must then calculate the amount of time short for that shift* (due to donating – up to two hours) and reenter the time using the code “BLOOD DON-CENTER” It’s important to use the correct code to properly record this time as paid leave due to blood donation.

*Supervisors should never add, remove or adjust employee punches. The code above allows the employee to be paid in full without incurring additional, unwarranted overtime.

If Using TRS:

After obtaining supervisor’s approval to donate blood, the employee must enter the time absent from work (up to two hours) as a daily entry with the time code: “Admin Leave.” In addition, a comment indicating that a donation was made at the UCLA Blood Donor Center and the duration of the time absent from work should be entered.

Supervisors are responsible for reviewing these entries and comments for accuracy.

Employees who donate blood for the UCLA Blood Donor Center, will receive a “Certificate of Donation.” This serves as their proof of donation and entitles them to four hours of an additional four (4) hours of paid time off which can be used at a later date.

NOTE: the maximum paid administrative leave paid time an employee can accrue in a 12 month period is 24 hours.

How to Use a Certificate of Donation Received After Donating Blood

The employee is responsible for keeping the “Certificate of Donation” until he/she is ready to use the paid time off.
Please Note: The certificate expires 12 months from the date of issuance. We encourage employees to use within the first six months after the Certificate of Donation is issued.

When ready to use the four hours (or 8 hours) of administrative leave awarded by the certificate, the employee should get the time off approved by the supervisor first, and then give the certificate to their Kronos/TRS editor or to their supervisor.

How to Enter Paid Administrative Leave Time When Redeeming the Certificate of Blood Donation

If Using Kronos/MyTime

The Kronos editor will enter the time on the employee’s timecard according to the type of donation indicated on the certificate:

  1. Use pay code “Blood Donation”
  2. Enter amount equivalent to the type of donation indicated on certificate
    Please Note: The payment for blood donation hours should be made for ALL hours (4, if donating blood; 8 if donating double red blood cells). Payment of partial hours for blood donation is not permitted.If Using TRS

Time Reporting System (TRS) does not have entry codes specifically for blood donation-related time off. Such time off should be coded as approved administrative leave time under the code “Admin Leave.” Additional comments must be entered to explain the reason of the paid Administrative leave (Blood Donation). ]

To report approved paid Administrative leave due to Blood Donation follow these steps:

  1. Add Admin Leave for the specified time off on the approved date.
  2. In the comments section, indicate the date and time away —
    Example: Blood donation time off applied on 12/30/2020 for 4 hours.

After the Hours are Entered in the Time & Attendance System

After the hours are entered in the system, record on the back of the ORIGINAL certificate the following information:

  • Date of Donation (all certificates expire one year from date of issuance) ex. Donation on 6/10/20 must be used by 6/9/21, NOT 6/10/21
  • Date in which the administrative blood time was used
  • Department FAU that you would like the blood donation recharge credited back to – otherwise it will be the employee’s home FAU

Once the above information has been recorded, submit the ORIGINAL Certificate of Donation to the HRPCN by the Kronos/TRS edits deadline of the pay period in which the administrative blood time is being used. Due to COVID 19, in addition to sending the paper forms to our office, scanned copies of the front and back (with the requested information) of the certificates must be sent to the HRPCN general inbox ( Blood donation time cannot be used at a date prior to the date of donation, or the same day as the donation and all paid administrative hours earned as a result of the donation must be used at once (each donor slip is equivalent to 4 or 8 hours depending on the type of donation. NOTE: Exempt employees must turn in two-4 hour certificates to cover a day or one-8 hour donation certificate). If an employee is separating from the University and has used blood time within one month of the effective separation date, their blood donation certificate must be turned in along with the terminating PAF. If the employee terminates employment or transfers to another department with administrative leave acquired through blood donations on record, such time is not transferable or payable to that employee and the department will not be able to receive the reimbursement for the hours paid to the employee from the Blood Donor Center.

Sample Blood Donation Slip