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UC Years of Service

The UC Years of Service (YOS) program is based off years of qualifying service that is used to determine the vacation leave accrual factor. A month on pay status at 50% time or more is counted as a month of qualifying service.

Depending on the employee personnel program/group and the years of service milestone, the leave accrual code may not only change how much vacation time is earned in an accrual cycle, but also the maximum vacation hours set aside for future use.

For more information regarding University service credits and UCRP service credits.

For more information regarding vacation employment service accrual chart.

The Process Regarding Notifications:

The YOS program for vacation accrual purposes is reviewed quarterly. Department representatives will be notified if an employee within your organization reaches a milestone.

If there are any questions regarding years of service, please contact our office:

If you have any questions regarding UCRP, please speak with a retirement counselor.

Employee Recognition Request

UCLA Student Finance Solutions (SFS) administers the Employee Recognition and Reward Program (ERRP), in which non-cash awards in the form of either gift cards, e-codes, or BruinCard Easy Pay deposits are distributed for the purchase of goods (not services). The Student Accounts Office (SAO) assists in coordinating disbursements. Please review the University and IRS Regulations for employee recognition requests and expand the instructions for submitting a request based on the applicable disbursement type. For more information regarding Employee Recognition Requests, please visit

Note: University of California Policy G-41 states non-cash awards may not exceed $75.00 per award, per employee, with a maximum of three awards per employee per calendar year. For retirement award restrictions, please refer to Policy G-41. It is the awarding department and employee’s responsibility to maintain a record of award amounts and their recipients in order to ensure the maximum is not exceeded. In the event an employee receives recognition exceeding these limits, it must be reported on their W-2 (please consult with the HRPOC for reporting procedures).