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Below is a select collection of flyers, posters, presentations, and reference materials. For a comprehensive list of all resources, check out the following pages:


Essential Reading for New Hires

New hire employees or staff first getting started with access to the UCPath Online can review the following documents introducing UCPath Online, setting up direct deposit, and more. Some of these topics are also be covered in the sections below.

UCPath Online – New Hire Flyer

UCPath Online – Setup Direct Deposit

UCPath Online – Setup Your Tax Information

UCPath Online – Check Your Earning Statements Online

Flyers and Reference Guides

Have Payroll Questions or Issues? Have Payroll Questions or Issues?
Download “W-2 Flyer” Download “Have Payroll Questions or Issues?”
Help Us Help You Accessing Your Personal Information
Download “Help Us Help You” Download “Accessing Your Personal Information”
Enroll in Direct Deposit UCPath Online New Hire Flyer
Download “Enroll in Direct Deposit” Download “UCPath Online New Hire Flyer”
Using Your Instant Pay Card UC Personalized Pay Card
Download “Using Your Instant Pay Card” Download “UC Personalized Pay Card”
Pay Card Withdrawal and Cash Back Options Your UCPath Paycheck
Download “Pay Card Withdrawal and Cash Back Options” Download “Your UCPath Paycheck”
Descargue “Su cheque UCPath Paycheck”
UCPath Emergency Contacts Understanding Vacation Accruals
Download “Update Emergency Contacts” Flyer Download “Understanding Vacation Accruals”
UCPath Portal UCPath Center
Download “UCPath Portal” Download “UCPath Center”

UCPath Videos

Consider Direct Deposit UCPath Manager Portal
UCPath Employee Portal UCPath Manager Portal


UCPath – New Hire Process Training Presentation (Video Download)

UCPath – Funding and FAU Training Session Presentation (Video Download)