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UCPath Online for Employees

UCPath Online is an online, self-service tool that gives employees 24/7 access to UC employment information based on their job role. Similar to the current At Your Service Online (AYSO) website, UC employees will be able to log into the portal from mobile devices and computers at work or home. UCPath Online will have the ability to:

  • View and update personal information
  • View paychecks
  • Sign up to three bank accounts for direct deposit
  • View and update tax withholdings
  • View and print W-2s
  • View and enroll in benefits
  • View vacation and sick leave balances
  • Submit inquiries through the “Ask UCPath” feature
  • And more…

Click on the link below to go to an overview video on the UCPath Employee Portal:

UCPath Employee Portal

To access UCPath Online, visit:

Essential Reading for New Hires

New hire employees or staff first getting started with access to the UCPath Online can review the following documents introducing UCPath Online, setting up direct deposit, and more. Some of these topics are also be covered in the sections below.

UCPath Online – New Hire Flyer

UCPath Online – Setup Direct Deposit

UCPath Online – Setup Your Tax Information

UCPath Online – Check Your Earning Statements Online

Check Accrual Balances

Employees are able to review their accrual balances (vacation, sick, and compensatory hours) in UCPath. In addition, employees with access to the Kronos Timekeeper system can also view their accrual balance there. For reference guides on how to view your accrual balance, see below:

Direct Deposit

Employees are strongly encouraged to sign up for direct deposit. There are many benefits to signing up for direct deposit:


  • Your pay is automatically deposited into your bank account and is available immediately on payday.
    • Employees without direct deposit will have their paper checks mailed to their primary address on pay day via U.S. Postal Service.
  • There’s no paper check to replace in the event your paycheck is lost, stolen or expired.
  • You pay no extra fees to receive your money via Direct Deposit and you eliminate costly check cashing fees.


  • Your online earnings statements is available on UCPath, a secure, password-protected UC employee website.
  • Your Direct Deposit is protected by federal consumer protections and banking regulations


  • Direct deposit and online delivery of the earnings statement reduce paper waste and are in line with the University’s initiative to Go Green (for more information, go to
  • UCLA produces over 10,000 paper checks every month and would save money on printing and paper costs.


To sign up for direct deposit, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the University of California UCPath Portal website:
  2. Log in to the website
  3. From the Dashboard menu, navigate to:
    • Employee Action > Income and Taxes > Direct Deposit
  4. Answer the security question to verify your identity.
  5. From the Direct Deposit menu, click the “Add Account” button
  6. Enter the following information:
    • Your bank account information
    • Account Type
    • Deposit Type
    • Deposit Amount or Percentage
    • Deposit Order (Example: 1 = First Account Processed)
  7. Review information for accuracy
  8. Click the “Return To Direct Deposit” button
  9. Read and click the authorization check box to allow UC to process your direct deposit.
  10. Click the “Save” button to confirm the change

Download this setup guide for screenshots and future reference reading.

Update State/Federal Tax

Employees are also encouraged to review and/or update their state and federal tax setup within UCPath Online upon hire, rehire, or in events that changes may affect tax withholdings (such as marriage or the birth of a child). The state and federal tax pages provides insight and control over how much money is withheld during each pay check.


To update your tax information:

  1. Visit the University of California UCPath Online Website:
  2. Log in using your UCLA Username and Password
  3. On the left-hand screen of the Dashboard, navigate to:
    • Employee Action > Income and Taxes > CA State W-4 (DE-4)
  4. Answer the security question to verify your identity
  5. Under the “CA State W-4 Tax Information” page:
    • Indicate Tax Status (Single, Married, Head of Household)
    • Enter total number of allowances being claimed or
    • Check box if claiming exempt status
  6. Click Submit
  7. On the left-hand screen of the Dashboard, navigate to:
    • Employee Action > Income and Taxes > Federal Withholding (W-4)
  8. Under the “Federal Withholding (W-4)” page:
    • Indicate tax status (Single or Married)
    • Enter total number of allowances or
    • Check box if claiming exempt status
  9. Click Submit


Download this reference guide step-by-step guide and for future reference.

Understanding Your Pay Statement

Electronic paycheck records paid through UCPath will be available through the UCPath Online portal. For more information on how to read and understand your paycheck through UCPath, please review the Your UCPath Paycheck guide. You may also read the UCPath Online portal flyer on viewing your paycheck statements online.

What to Do When a Pay Check is Wrong?

  1. Review your timecard in Time & Attendance (Kronos, TRS, etc.) against your earning statement
    • If you are an hourly employee, you should verify that all hours on your timecard is what was paid out on your earning statement
    • If any hours are missing, contact your department representative/supervisor to review your timecard to identify the missing hours.
      • Missing hours will need to be reviewed by the employee and the department representative/supervisor in order for a request to be submitted to the local HR & Payroll Center office for pay adjustments.
    • If the department representative/supervisor determines that the hours were inputted properly in Time & Attendance (Kronos, TRS, etc.) and you were not paid appropriately, the department representative/supervisor should proceed to step 2.
  2. Contact your respective HR and Payroll Center office
    • Your local HR and Payroll Center office will help assist you in determining why your paycheck was not received or fully processed.
  3. Should your respective HR and Payroll Center not be able to resolve the issue locally, they will contact UCPath and/or CRU to help resolve the issue.