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Offer Letters

Use the Contingent Offer Letter for all offers that have pre-employment contingencies.

For internal promotions and employment offers that have no contingencies, please contact HRPOC Talent Acquisition to request a combination letter.

For more information on Employment Offer Letters, visit the New Hire Process page.

Welcome Letter Templates

Different Welcome Letters Templates will be used based on the collective bargaining agreement/policies covering the position and the appointment type the individual is being hired in to.


Please submit all completed forms through the Bruin CHR Service Center.

Benefits/Worker’s Compensation Forms:

Compensation Forms:

Employee Performance Evaluation Information:



Payroll Forms:

Please make sure you are submitting completed forms to the Bruin CHR Service Center.

DMV Pull Forms:



Employee Resources:

New Hire/Manager Resources:


Calendars and Schedules

Calendars, Schedules & Deadlines:

Inquiries and Feedback

We want to help. If you have questions, please submit your inquiry to Bruin CHR Service Center.