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Recruitment Authorization

Approval from the Vice Chancellor/Dean is currently required for the HRPCN to process client department’s recruitment and appointment extension transactions. Please utilize and submit the Recruitment Authorization Form (RAF), also known as the VC Authorization Form, below to obtain and indicate the necessary authorization before beginning the recruitment process.

Recruitment Authorization Form (DocuSign)

Recruitment Authorization Form (PDF)

The current hiring and RAF submission processes are detailed on the New Protocols for Hiring webpage.

Offer Letters

Use the Contingent Offer Letter Template for all offers that have pre-employment contingencies.

For internal promotions and employment offers that have no contingencies, please contact HRPOC Employment for assistance with a combination letter.

For more information on Employment Offer Letters, visit the New Hire Process page.

Welcome Letter Templates

Different Welcome Letters Templates will be used based on the collective bargaining agreement/policies covering the position and the appointment type the individual is being hired in to.


For Luskin Conference Center, Lake Arrowhead, Catering, Faculty Center, and Guest House, please email all completed forms to

For all others, please email all completed forms to for processing.

Benefits/Worker’s Compensation Forms:

Compensation Forms:

Employee Performance Forms:



Fingerprinting/Recruiting Forms:

Payroll Forms:

DMV Pull Forms:



Employee Resources:

New Hire/Manager Resources:


The link below contains all workplace posters required to be posted as well as posting guidelines:

Once posted, complete and submit the following Mandatory Workplace Postings form (submission instructions are on the form).


Calendars and Schedules


Schedules and Deadlines:

Inquiries and Feedback

We want to help. If you have questions, please submit the HRPC-N Feedback Form, and we will respond promptly.

Your feedback is important to us. Please submit any comments or recommendations via the HRPC-N Feedback Form for review and consideration.