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Separation Reason Codes + Time & Attendance Requirements

All separations must be treated as urgent and submitted to the HR & Payroll Center timely. Separation reason codes and descriptions should be reviewed when deciding what reason code is applicable to a circumstance. Depending on the reason code, there are additional requirements that must be followed:

All Separation Personnel Action Forms (PAFs) Should Be Submitted With Supporting Documentation:


  • Resignations (i.e. voluntary separations):
    • Require a resignation letter (on paper, or email) from the employee, or a statement in writing from the department regarding the verbal notice*.
    • Time & Attendance (T&A):
      • Monthly Employees: Submit exceptions (vacation, sick, LWOP, etc.) to the HR & Payroll Center office
      • Bi-Weekly (BW) Employees:
        • BW Non-Represented Employees: Employee will swipe in/out as normal through T&A. No submission of hours is needed unless a specific situation warrants submission when requested by the HR & Payroll Center.
        • BW Represented Employees: Submit final hours at least 5 business days prior to the separation effective date and/or last day on pay status.
    • Please schedule an exit interview with the HR & Payroll Center (Career, Partial Year Career, and Contract Employees Only).

*We strongly recommend that if an employee provides notice of resignation verbally, the department should additionally request that the employee submit notice in writing. If an employee submits their notice of resignation verbally, managers should follow Step #1 below. If, after attempts have been made, the employee refuses to provide notice in writing or is unresponsive, follow Step #2.


    1. If an employee provides notice of resignation verbally, departments should provide the employee with a paper or email resignation template, which the employee can simply fill out. Please see Sample #1.  It is important that the notice contain a statement that the employee is resigning, as well as the resignation effective date.
    2. Whether an employee submits notice of resignation verbally or in writing, the supervisor/manager/HR should send the employee written confirmation of receipt of the resignation notice.  Please see Sample #2.


  • Terminations (i.e. involuntary separations):
    • Require a release letter (other supporting documentation may be needed and will be requested depending on the circumstance).
      • Please note, for probationary releases, additional documentation is needed. Depending on the date of separation, a mid-point evaluation or letter describing the reason of release will be needed.
    • Final Hours should be submitted to the HR & Payroll Center office at least 5 business days prior to the separation effective date and/or last day on pay status.

Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment Insurance Claim Information

Filing an Unemployment Insurance claim can be done online or by phone.

To expedite the claim filing process, visit and click Information

You need to apply for UI under the File a Claim section, EDD has identified critical items you should have immediately available regardless of the option chosen to apply. In the section for Last Employer Information DO NOT PROVIDE your direct department information for the “name and address” section. Instead, please provide the following address below:


Mailing Address: Physical Location Address:

University of California (location)

Equifax Workforce Solutions

P.O. BOX 23020

Oakland, CA 94623-2302

Unemployment Insurance Coordinator

UCLA Payroll Services

10920 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 620

Los Angeles, CA 90024


It is important to use the mailing address and physical location address as identified because Equifax Workforce Solutions works with the University of California to process Unemployment Insurance Claims for UCLA, UCOP and UC Merced. Please note that payment of benefits could be delayed or paid improperly, resulting in a benefit audit if you do not provide the correct addresses as shown above. If, when filing your claim or during the interview process, you are asked for your supervisor’s name and phone number, you can release this information.

For additional information and questions regarding filing an Unemployment Insurance Claim, visit the Employment Development Department (EDD) website at or contact an EDD Representative by phone at 1-800-300-5616.


Employee's Last Day

On the employee’s last day, obtain the following:

  • Office/building Keys
  • Bruincard/Access Card/Ids
  • Tools, equipment, and uniform
  • Cell phone or home computer issued by the University
  • Corporate Card
  • Any other items that are University property