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UCLA uses PeopleAdmin, a system that functions as a depository of approved job descriptions for each department, as well as an applicant tracking system for positions available. In order to be able to access the PeopleAdmin system modules, you must have a user account. To request a user account, please email

Each organization or department has created standardized roles and responsibilities for users of the system. Based on your organization’s processes, one (or more) of the following user types may be assigned:

  • Compensation Preparer* – This type of preparer can create, review and edit Job Descriptions, and then route them to other Preparers in the organization, or to an authorized departmental Compensation Submitter. The Submitter has access to the Electronic Library of approved Job Descriptions for their assigned department.
  • Employment Preparer* – This type of preparer can create and send Requisitions to an authorized departmental Employment Submitter for review and approval. They have access to the Electronic Library for positions within their assigned department, which can immediately be used to post for an available opening.
  • Hiring Manager (or designee) – View applicant information, change applicant status, and may submit closing documents when filling a position. Contact the HRPCN for approval of this status.

Please Note: Preparers cannot update applicants’ statuses. This function is limited to Hiring Manager access. Hiring Managers may use the online tutorial via the Learning Management System for additional information.

Compensation Preparer Access — Job Descriptions

Please consult with the HRPCN Compensation representative prior to writing or updating job descriptions. We will assist throughout the process.

Create a Requisition to Post for a Position

To post a requisition for Housing & Hospitality Services, please contact the HRPC-N Employment Team. For all other departments, please contact your HRPCN Compensation representative for assistance.

Hiring Manager

Once a position is posted, you must wait for the required posting period before extending a job offer. A daily review of the applicants to disposition them is encouraged during the posting period. Refer to the Recruitment Guide for additional information on the Recruitment Process.

Closing Documents

Once you have identified a final candidate for the job, you must close the employment requisition. By doing so, the system will notify the remaining applicants that the job is no longer available.

To close the requisition, go into the PeopleAdmin system and complete the following steps:

  1. Change the applicant statuses of those you interviewed to appropriately reflect why they were not selected.
  2. Change the applicant statuses of the candidate you are hiring to “Hired,” complete all of the information on the screen associated with the hire.
  3. A closing document will be created once an applicant is moved to “Candidate Selected” status. When this applicant status is applied, the “Begin Closing Document” link appears in the status column for the hired applicant. Follow the instructions from there to finish the process.

The following job aid and online tutorial (on the LMS portal) are also available to guide hiring managers in this process.

Please ensure the following steps are completed before submitting closing documents in PeopleAdmin:

Standard Posting

  • Confirm all applicants have been moved to inactive status except the selected candidate
  • Check listed starting salary against Title and Pay Plan
  • Salary period should be bi-weekly or monthly
  • If the selected candidate is currently working within the UC, the percent increase must be within policy guidelines and adhere to the bargaining agreement (if applicable)
    • Exception: An increase can be more than 15% if the individual is moving from casual-restricted to career, limited, per diem or a contract position
    • Exception: An employee is promoted and the range minimum is higher than 15%
  • Supply Empl ID (UCPath Employee ID)
  • Date offer made
  • Start date
  • Fingerprint scheduled date
  • Fingerprint completed date
  • Ensure the correct hire type is selected (new hire, promotion, demotion, etc.)
  • Add comments as necessary (i.e., Casual-restricted to career hire)
  • Offer Letter
    • Prepare and/or review offer letter for accuracy
    • Payroll title
    • Salary
    • Requirements (physical, DMV license, etc.)
    • Probationary period end date
    • Instructions to complete the I-9 should only be included if the employee is a new hire or re-hire
  • Select appropriate action status
    • Career, recruitment process complete
    • Contract: Approve, recruitment process complete

Multi-Hire Posting

  • Confirm number of available positions on requisition
  • Complete the closing document process listed above
    • Exception: Leave one Closing Document untouched until you have competed hiring for all positions under the multi-hire posting
  • All Closing Documents submitted prior to the final applicant’s Closing Document should be closed using the “recruitment still ongoing” action status.
  • The final Closing Document submitted against the requisition requires selection of the “recruitment process complete” action status.
  • Ensure position’s duration is accurate to the type of position
    • Indefinite for Career, Partial-Year Career, Per Diem
    • < 1,000 Hours for Limited Appointment
    • Other for Contract
  • If position type “replacement” is selected, please include the name of the previous incumbent.
  • Full or Part Time should accurately reflect the percentage of time
  • Confirm posting type matches number of positions
    • The “number of positions” box should only be filled for multi-hire requisitions

COVID-19: New protocols for hiring and compensation actions now in effect