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First Posted: 06/07/2018

Dear Colleagues:


UCLA is scheduled to transition to UCPath – our new payroll and HR system – in September, 2018. As part of the transition, there will be a few changes to your paycheck including a new look and feel to your paycheck, new options for receiving your paycheck, and a new location to download your paystub.

As a reminder, as a biweekly paid employee you have twenty-six (26) paydays per year, and only twenty-four (24) are needed each year to cover your deductions (24/2 = 12). Therefore, two paydays, referred to as Benefit Holidays, have been designated to have no flat dollar deductions withheld. In the current payroll system, the Benefit Holiday occurs when three biweekly pay period end dates fall within the same month. In UCPath, the Benefit Holiday occurs when three biweekly pay dates fall within the same month.

Due to this change, the Benefit Holiday originally scheduled for the July 11, 2018 paycheck, will be moved to the October 31, 2018 paycheck. Please note that this change only impacts the timing of when you can expect the Benefit Holiday and does not change the amount that you pay for benefits, nor your earnings for the year.

We appreciate your patience as we prepare as a campus for UCPath go-live. If you have any questions about this one-time change, please contact your department payroll representative.



Mike Sattin
UCLA Payroll Services
Heather Kira-Hoeke
UCLA Payroll Services