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UCLA Extension : ESLPE, orientation day & premiers cours | Los angeles california, Los angeles, California

All new clients to the HR & Payroll Operations Center (excluding casual restricted staff) are required to participate in a New Employee Orientation (NEO) session.

Due the coronavirus and to operate as safely as possible, the HRPOC is currently utilizing a hybrid delivery model for the NEO. NEOs are offered on a biweekly basis and simultaneously presented live and broadcast over Zoom. For employees working remotely or off campus, the NEO is available via Zoom. For employees working on campus, the NEO is being delivered in-person unless remote participation is feasible.

For more information related to the NEO, please read on.

Welcome to UCLA (in-person and virtually)!

NEO Schedule

New Employee Orientations are currently offered Tuesdays on a bi-weekly basis. The official schedule is below for reference. Please consult accordingly.

Automatic e-mail confirmations and reminders will be sent to all attendees containing pertinent session information related to participation.

Please contact the HRPOC directly if you have any questions related to NEO participation.

DateDayFormat TypeIn-Person Location
12/7/2021TuesdayIn-person/ZoomCovel Commons: South Bay Room
1/11/2022TuesdayIn-person/ZoomConference Room HA#1
2/8/2022TuesdayIn-person/ZoomConference Room HA#1

Updated Protocol for Employees Working/Completing NEO on Campus

Employees must complete mandatory COVID-19 training as well as the Employee Symptom Monitoring Survey daily before returning/reporting physically to the campus.

As of September 9th, UCLA staff, students and faculty who will be living, working and learning on campus or other UCLA properties will need to be fully vaccinated unless receiving an approved exception.

Employees are required to wear face masks in all public indoor spaces and encouraged to wear them when outdoors.

Regular COVID-19 testing/screening is currently required twice a week if unvaccinated and strongly encouraged for vaccinated employees.

For specific COVID-19 protocols, vaccine information and resources, please visit

New Employee Resources

Digital NEO Instructions

The digital NEO is only to be utilized by employees that cannot participate in a regularly scheduled NEO. Please e-mail the HRPOC directly before participating in the digital NEO.

Disclaimer: Please participate in NEO on or after date of hire as participation constitutes time worked.

Step One: Download NEO Packet
o Download your NEO documents. They’re all part of the PDF you can get by clicking on this link: NEO Packet.

Step Two: Watch the following seven videos in the table below.

Video LinkSubjectDurationAdditional Information
HRPC Introduction Service Center Introduction2:35This is an introduction to the entire orientation.
Part 1 Welcome12:44Part 1 provides an overview of University's Mission and History
Part 2 Campus Engagement, Perks, Transportation & Sustainability10:35Part 2 discusses transportation options and the University's commitment to sustainability. Please click the appropriate hyperlinks to access the department specific presentations.
Part 3 Campus Culture-Ethical, Diverse & Equitable6:16Part 3 discusses ethics. To complete the mandatory ethics and compliance training, please log in to the Learning Management System (LMS) to complete the course and receive credit.
Part 4 Human Resources7:24Part 4 describes the tools and access new employees need as well as the HR services available.
Part 5 Amenities & Safety-Dining, Ergonomics & Recreation 4:28Part 5 discusses safety and recreation opportunities at the University. Please click the appropriate hyperlinks to access the department specific presentations.
Part 6 Professional Development & Educational Opportunities 6:57Part 6 highlights educational and development opportunities.

Step Three: Benefits Review & Enrollment
o Receive your UCLA benefits overview by either attending the weekly live webinar or watching the pre-recorded webcast.

Details on how to attend are found on the final page of the NEO documents linked above or by opening the flyer found here: Full Benefits Session. Please note, this session applies to employees that qualify for full benefits. For employees that qualify for Mid-Level or CORE Benefits, a separate orientation is offered on the second Thursday of each month by UCPath. To understand or clarify the benefits you qualify for, please review the following information.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please reach out to the respective benefits teams.


For information specific to UC/UCLA retirement plans, please utilize this link for relevant videos and tools.

Step Four: Notice of Completion
o Once you have completed your NEO session, fill out this form: NEO complete form and digitally sign using DocuSign. Your supervisor will be notified and you will receive attendance credit.

o If you have any trouble using the Docusign form above, e-mail the HRPOC directly. Please indicate the date and time of completion and use the subject heading “NEO Completion.” When the e-mail is received, you will be given credit for having attended the NEO.

Additional Emergency Preparedness Information

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has also compiled a presentation focused on emergency preparedness at the University and at home. Please click on the corresponding hyperlink to review. We find this presentation particularly relevant and helpful given the current health crisis.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the HRPOC directly, either by phone or e-mail. We are here to assist.

We hope you found this information helpful. Once again, the HR & Payroll Operations Center (HRPOC) is here to assist new employees and our clients if you need anything.

Welcome to UCLA!